Introduction to "Unleash Your Dog's Unlimited LOVE for YOU!" Online Training Program

Introduction to "Unleash Your Dog's Unlimited LOVE for YOU!"
Online Dog Training Program

Hello, please enjoy this welcome to The Loved Dog Training Program.

My wish for you is to be able to unleash your dog’s unlimited love and let him be your #1 RAVING FAN, where he's not only loves & adores you, but he’s grateful and looks up to you!!!!! I want you two to have that intense connection that is based on deep love, understanding, appreciation, and gratitude, where your dog WANTS to listen to you, and often can anticipate your wishes and needs.

Most people, though, can’t foresee the challenges that they will face when raising and training their dog. Often I hear about the different methods of training they have tried, training that failed them and their dogs, and often left them with a distrust in each other.

The Loved Dog method is completely different, as it goes beyond positive reinforcement and in a fun way teaches you to understand your dog’s psychology and behavior. I‘ll show you the WHY and what NEEDS your dog is trying to meet. With understanding of the WHY, communication becomes clear and easy, it’s so easy to get your dog to be a delight to share your life with.

The fun part is, that once you’ve learned how to understand your dog’s behavior and connect with him, you could actually understand a lot of the behaviors of the different people in your life, how to connect with them, and make them completely fall in love with you!!! That is why The Loved Dog is a lifestyle!

Many people think that dog training takes a lot of time. The beauty is, that with The Loved Dog method, we will mostly take advantage of the time that you already spend with your dog, and show you how to turn it into a play-training session. One of things I like is what I call “commercial training”, which allows you to do something fun with your dog when there are commercials on TV.

I want your dog to add joy to your life, instead of adding a lot to your to-do list.
That said, the best ROI, Return On Investment, is the time you will invest in your dog, as you will receive so much love, joy, and admiration in return (from your dog and from other people).

BTW, I do not use leashes when training a dog. You could do it all from the convenience of your home. I want it to be easy for you and your dog to focus. It’s not fair to you to teach your dog a new behavior when all he wants to do is to sniff and explore everything in sight. Only when your dog is connected to you and knows what it is you are asking him to do, that’s when we add the leash and practice everything outside your home.